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What doctors are saying about Expert Radiology...

"I am extremely happy with your service.  The reports are great and very thorough and professional.  And now, we can email our digital x-rays and get a 12 or 24 hour turn around from you.  So far, so good-couldn't be happier!  Thanks!" Rick Erickson, DC
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  • Fastest Turn-around 
  • Cost-Effective Pricing Plans
  • Decreased Doctor's Liability 
  • Peace of Mind
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Joe A. Cantu, D.C., D.A.C.B.R.
1911 Commonwealth Drive
Charlottesville, VA  22901
Our Mission:

It is Expert Radiology's goal to provide fast, accurate and cost-effective radiologic interpretation to doctors, allowing more time for doctors to do what doctors do best...treating patients and running a successful practice!  We promise to provide you the most courteous and professional service available, always remembering that we exist for the benefit of the patient and for your peace of mind.  We look forward to working with you!
"For the Benefit of the Patient and for Your Peace of Mind"

Why use Expert Radiology?

  • Reduced liability

  • More accurate diagnosis and documentation

  • Access to an expert in the field of radiology

  • Patient's appreciate your use of a specialist

  • Enhanced professional perception of your office

  • Receive help with clinical decision making